DIY Installation- Steps for Installing Brass Tile Edging Strips Like a Pro

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Embellish your tiling projects with a touch of sophistication by installing brass tile edging strips. These strips not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your tiles but also protect the edges from chipping and damage. Embark on this DIY project with confidence by following these comprehensive steps, ensuring a professional-looking finish.

Tools and Materials

Before embarking on the installation, gather the necessary tools and materials:

Brass tile edging strips

Measuring tape




Grout float


Caulk gun

Safety glasses


Ensure a clean and level surface for the tile edging strips. Remove any debris or old adhesive. Use a level to ensure the tiles are evenly aligned. Measure and cut the strips to the desired lengths.

Adhesive Application

Apply adhesive to the back of the tile edging strips. Use a consistent amount of adhesive to ensure a strong bond. Press the strips firmly into place, aligning them with the edges of the tiles. Use a level to check for evenness.



Once the adhesive has cured, apply grout to the joints between the strips and the tiles. Use a grout float to spread the grout evenly. Remove any excess grout with a sponge.


After the grout has dried, apply a thin bead of caulk along the edges of the strips where they meet the tiles. Use a caulk gun to apply the caulk smoothly. Use a damp sponge to remove any excess caulk.

Finishing Touches

Allow the caulk to dry completely. Clean the strips with a damp cloth to remove any residue. Enjoy the enhanced look and protection provided by your professionally installed brass tile edging strips.

Tips for Success

Wear safety glasses throughout the installation process.

Use a sharp knife to cut the strips cleanly.

Allow ample time for the adhesive and grout to cure before applying caulk.

Clean the tile edging strips regularly to maintain their shine.

By following these steps meticulously, you can install brass tile edging strips like a pro, enhancing the beauty and durability of your tiled surfaces.

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