Aluminum Formable Tile Trim

Introducing our Aluminum Formable Tile Trim, the perfect solution for custom tiling projects requiring flexibility and precision. This innovative trim is designed to be easily shaped and formed, allowing for a perfect fit around curves, corners, and irregular angles. Made from high-quality aluminum, it offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. The trim’s adaptable nature makes it perfect for creating unique designs in bathrooms, kitchens, or feature walls. Available in various finishes, our Aluminum Formable Tile Trim ensures a sleek, professional look for any custom tiling work, combining functionality with creative freedom.

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The Cooperation Process

How we deliver notch-top manufacturing and packaging services at competitive pricing.

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    Molding Confirm/Drawing Receive

    Custom trims begin with bespoke molding. Let us bring your design to life – or help you create a new one.

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    Get Free Samples

    We’ll help you evaluate every details, and ship out our samples for a close look or even testings.

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    Bulk Production

    Our local manufacturing, global support, distribution, and logistics network ensures on-time delivery at competitive pricing.

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    Responsive Services

    Status monitoring, quality control, after-sales services, we cover everything from start to finish.

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