Professional and Expert Tile Accessories Manufacturer

Professional and Expert Tile Accessories Manufacturer

NiuYuan Trims is the current domestic production of the largest and best professional flooring, tile, carpet, stairs buckle, ceiling corners, and other decorative accessories products manufacturer, it’s aluminum alloy buckle world state- of-the-art anodized aluminum organic coloring technique, texture, light, solid, bright color, with highly decorative and durability, suitable for domestic, commercial, public places all kinds of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, carpet, ceramic tile, concrete another colored floor, and wall seams, covered, surface mount without nails, nice, quick and easy. The company’s products are floor buckle, the profile of ceramic and the corner of the ceiling, stairs buckle, carpet trim, etc.

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How Our Process Defines Your Trims

How Our Process Defines Your Trims

The perfection of edging trims on wall or floor, depends on how strict the manufacturing process, especially the extrusion stage.

We choose the right materials, as it affects many of the trim’s characteristics: formability, tensile strength, surface treatment options, and machinability.

From materials to machining, to packaging, our experienced engineers are always ready to advice, recommend and find solutions at all stages of the design phase, helping you to transfer your idea into an exceptional product.

Our Values

We strive to improve everything we do by embracing new craftsmanship, and ways of working by improving what we offer to our customers. And the spirit of our company crystallizes into five cores, which keep us forward, keep us be your trusted partner.

  • Quality Comes First

  • Be Customer Driven

  • Safety Focused

  • Integrity Is Honesty

  • Pursue Excellence