How to Install Tile Trims Line?

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Installation Of All Profiles Except T-Shaped

1. Select the shape and profile according to the tile thickness.

2. Apply thin-set mortar to the area where the profile is to be laid, using an appropriately sized U-channel trowel according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

2a. For corners and exterior wall corners where L- or R-shaped bullnose is used, complete one wall first and then apply thin-set mortar to the corner area of the second wall. 2b. When using a U-shaped reducer, fill the void under the bevel of the profile with thin-set.

3. Press the perforated anchor leg of the profile into the mortar until the mortar fills the circle cutout. Then align the trim with the edge of the tile, ensuring that the tile is flush with the lower edge of the trim face to ensure an even grout gap between the trim and the tile.

4. Apply additional thin fixing mortar evenly over the perforated anchor leg, completely covering the circular cutout to ensure complete coverage and support of the tile edge. The anchoring leg should be partially buried in the sealant.

5. Ensure that the tiles are flush or slightly lower than the top of the profile. The profile should not be higher than the surface of the tile, but lower than approximately 1 / 32″ (1 mm).

6. After the tile and profile have set, completely fill the grout joints with grout.

7. Immediately and gently wipe away any excess grout or thin-set.

How To Install Tile Trims Line?

Installation Of T Shape Profile

1. Select the shape according to the width of the gap or joint to be covered.

2. Make sure the gap is clean and free of obstructions that would prevent the shape from the remaining level on the tile or flooring material.

3. Caulk the gap with silicone or elastomeric caulk, being careful not to overfill.

4. Insert the anchor leg into the gap so that the edge of the profile rests against the edge of the flooring material and covers the gap. The anchor leg should be partially buried in the sealant.

5. Gently position the profile so that it is straight.

6. Remove excess sealant immediately and allow the sealant to cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Care and Cleaning Guidelines Our tile trim is designed for years of maintenance-free service and does not require any special maintenance. Clean regularly with common household cleaners. Do not use cleaners containing hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. Abrasives should not be used on anodized aluminum as they may scratch the surface. Remove any grout, mortar, or thin set from the surface immediately after installation.



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