The Different Uses of Tile Outside Corner Edging Trim and Inside Corner Edging Trim

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Tile Outside Corner Edging Trim

It is a kind of decorative line used for 90-degree convex corner wrapping of tiles, with the base plate as the face and 90-degree fan-shaped curved surface on one side, made of PVC, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, copper, and stone.

The base plate has anti-slip teeth or hole pattern, which is easy to fully integrate with the wall and tile, and the edge of the fan-shaped curved surface has a limited beveled edge, which is used to limit the installation position of tile or stone.

According to the thickness of the tile, the corner line is divided into two specifications, large corner and small corner respectively adapted to 6mm- 10mm thick tiles, the length of more than 3 meters or so.

The positive corner line is widely used because of the advantages of simple installation, low cost, effective protection of tiles and reduction of collision hazards arising from 90-degree convex corners of tiles.

The Different Uses of Tile Outside Corner Edging Trim and Inside Corner Edging Trim

Tile Inside Corner Edging Trim

When the wall and ceiling materials or colors are different, there will be an obvious junction line, the corner line is to cover this border with, and according to the different styles of indoor choice of wood or plaster line, etc., but also play a decorative role.

In the style of the corner line, now the processing of building materials has been greatly improved, the style of the corner line is also a variety of materials used in taking stone, gypsum, wood, PVC and other materials have been widely used. Line style has been greatly updated, can be described as a variety of. However, the general home decoration more than 5cm-30cm scale range, beautiful and generous, the corner line using a variety of solid wood color, brush varnish or spray paint process, painting latex paint is also widely used.



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