Common Issues and Solutions with Tile Trim External Corners

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External corners in tiled areas are prone to chipping, cracking, and moisture penetration. Tile trim, such as corner guards and bullnose tiles, addresses these issues by providing protection and a finished look. However, even with proper installation, certain problems may arise with tile trim external corners. Here are some common issues and their solutions:

Loose or Cracked Corner Guards

Issue: Corner guards can loosen or crack due to improper adhesion or movement in the substrate.

Solution: Ensure adequate adhesive coverage and use a flexible adhesive that can accommodate movement. Additionally, reinforce the corner with screws or nails to prevent movement.

Chipped Bullnose Tiles

Issue: Bullnose tiles can chip during installation or due to impact.

Solution: Use high-quality tiles rated for external corners, like polished porcelain or glazed ceramic. Install the tiles carefully using proper tools and techniques, and avoid excessive pressure or hammering.

Moisture Penetration

Issue: Moisture can seep through gaps in the tile trim, leading to water damage.

Solution: Seal the gaps between the tiles and trim using grout or caulk. Use a high-quality sealant that is suitable for the type of tile and grout.

Misaligned Tiles

Issue: Tiles may not align properly at the external corner, resulting in gaps or uneven surfaces.

Solution: Use a level and spacers to ensure proper alignment during installation. Check the alignment of the tiles before grouting and make adjustments as needed.

Improper Grout Joints

Issue: Grout joints at the external corner may crack or discolor due to movement or improper installation.

Solution: Use a sanded grout that is suitable for corners and exterior applications. Ensure that the grout joints are properly filled and finished, and let the grout cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Gaping Joints

Issue: Gaps may appear between the tile trim and the tiles, creating an unsightly and vulnerable area.

Solution: Fill the gaps with grout or caulk, as appropriate. Ensure that the grout or caulk is compatible with the tile and trim materials.


By addressing common issues with tile trim external corners, you can ensure a durable and attractive finish for your tiled surfaces. Proper installation, attention to detail, and the use of high-quality materials are crucial for a successful outcome. By following these solutions, you can create external corners that enhance the aesthetics and protect your tiled area from damage.

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