The Best Tools and Techniques for Installing Aluminium Tile Edging Strip

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The Best Tools and Techniques for Installing Aluminum Tile Edging Strip

Tiling projects can be greatly enhanced with the addition of aluminum tile edging strips. These strips not only protect the edges of tiles from chipping and wear but also give a refined and finished appearance. Installing aluminum tile edging strips is not difficult, but using the proper tools and techniques is essential for a professional-looking result.

Essential Tools

Tile Edging Strip Cutter: A specialized tool specifically designed for cutting aluminum tile edging strips cleanly and precisely.

Miter Box: A tool for guiding the tile edging strip cutter to make precise miter cuts for corners.

Adhesive: A strong and flexible adhesive suitable for bonding aluminum to tile or other substrates.

Caulk Gun: A tool for applying caulk to seal the edges of the aluminum edging strips and enhance water resistance.

Grout Float: A small, flat tool used to apply and smooth grout into the gaps between tiles and the edging strip.

Step-by-Step Installation


1. Measure and mark the length of the edging strip needed for each side.

2. Use the tile edging strip cutter to cut the strips to the desired lengths.

3. For corners, use a miter box to guide the cutter and create precise 45-degree miter cuts.


1. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to the back of the edging strip using a notched trowel.

2. Carefully align the edging strip against the edge of the tile and press it down firmly.

3. For corners, position the mitered ends against each other and press them together.


1. Wipe away any excess adhesive that may have squeezed out.

2. Fill any gaps between the edging strip and the tile or substrate with caulk using a caulk gun.

3. Smooth the caulk using a damp sponge or finger.

Tips for a Flawless Installation

Use a level: Ensure that the edging strip is installed level by using a level to check it periodically.

Wipe down the surfaces: Clean the surfaces of the tile and edging strip with a damp cloth before applying adhesive to ensure a strong bond.

Allow sufficient drying time: Give the adhesive and caulk ample time to dry before using the tiled area.

Protect from moisture: Once installed, avoid exposing the edging strip to excessive moisture for several days to allow the adhesive and caulk to fully cure.

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